Clean up, provided at additional cost, includes removing the majority of the chips generated from grinding, backfilling the hole and raking the area neatly leaving a level area where the stump was removed.  As a guideline, the cost of clean-up is generally an additional ~ $3 per inch. Stumps are like icebergs, so special requests to go deeper than 8"-10" can increase costs, but the pricing & depth will be clear on the written estimate. 8" below ground is sufficient in nearly all cases, additional depth requests have been for re-grading to install driveways, patios, sheds, or pools.

Samples of my work can be seen on the grinderstump youtube channel, facebook and instagram.

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In addition to working directly for homeowners I also subcontract for Landscapers, Tree Services, and other contractors.  Straight-forward discounted pricing is communicated up front, and you will be able to estimate work directly in your quotes if you desire. I will also subcontract as needed to cover your breakdown situations. My professional business will represent your company well. Please contact or call 864-485-5544 to arrange an estimate.  Same day grinding may be available for emergency/urgent situations. 

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Free professional detailed estimates are given to customers. 
Each estimate includes a rough outline drawing indicating the location of each stump. The estimate includes the base pricing for cutting off any remaining tree trunk, and grinding the stump and roots below ground level.  Clean up is not included in my base pricing, but it is listed separately on the written estimate.

Some people want a rough idea before they call a professional. This is to give you a general idea of cost. You can estimate the charge for the grinding service as roughly $2 - $6 per inch of diameter if measured as shown. Only very large stumps are at the top of the scale, the shift in pricing accounts for the volume of material being removed as stumps increase in size. Shrubs and bushes are far below the pricing on this scale. I will give you a fair price on the free written estimate.