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  I grew up with a tree service as a family business, splitting and delivering firewood from my early years.  As a teenager in the late 1980's, I worked ropes, dragged brush, ran chainsaws, stump grinders, and woodchippers for the business.  My grandfather retired and sold his business before I graduated high school.  During college I worked for a national arborist company maintaining clearance to power lines and operated my own tree service with an old Ford pickup truck and a trailer.

I recall my grandfather telling me that his grandfather started him in the business.  He said they went to the hardware store, bought a quarter stick of dynamite, drilled a hole under the stump and blew it out of the ground.  Although I would not recommend this technique to anyone, I am sorry that I have never witnessed this method of removal. 

I have seen many failed attempts with other methods, as well as successful methods that just took too much work.  This is a big part of the reason I still enjoy this work.  I can't fault someone for attempting to do something themselves, but I think it is worth your while to get a free estimate before-hand to weigh your efforts against.  If you would like to save some money or tackle part of the project yourself, all estimates include an optional clean-up which allows for significant savings if performed by the homeowner.

Our facebook page highlights some of the efforts from time to time.  Check it out for some interesting insights.  I plan to feature burning, backhoes, dozers etc. Although backhoes are often successful as well as dozers, both are much more successful if the trunk of the tree is left at least 3 feet high for leverage.  Burning however will soon convince you that stump wood is 99.9% asbestos, even if chemical analysis says otherwise.

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